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Frequently Asked Questions

Most questions received at Magnus Homeware are answered below. In order to avoid delays and speed up your answer, please review them to see if your question is answered here. If your issue is not addressed, visit our Contact Us page for more info.


Where Can I Buy Magnus Items?

Magnus Homeware products are available online at or available for purchase at a variety of leading retail stores near you. You can also buy magnus items on Amazon, Flipkart & Paytm

How Do I Return/Exchange An Item?

If you purchased a product from and wish to return or exchange it, please see our Returns, Cancellations & Refund page to initiate this process.

I Received an Incorrect or Damaged Item With My Order, What Do I Do?

If you received an order from and it contained a damaged or incorrect item please reach out to our Customer Service team as soon as possible via our Whatsapp +919820988955.

How Do I Find Out About Special Deals, Discounts And Promotions?

If you want to be the first to find out about specials and discounts, follow us on social media on Facebook & Instagram.


Do Magnus Products Have BPA?

No way! Magnus was created in 2016 as a safe and healthy solution to plastic Containers & Lunch Boxes and all Magnus products are BPA-free. Magnus homeware is rooted in health and wellness and has been from the beginning. We use BPA-free polypropylene (pp#5) to make some of our caps, but we do offer stainless steel cap options like our Deluxe Klip lock and Bolt Series Containers and lunch boxes for those that prefer a minimal plastic in the product.

Do Magnus Homeware Products Have Any Interior Lining?

All Magnus Homeware products are made from high quality, food-grade stainless steel. Stainless steel is naturally free of BPA and other harmful substances. Since stainless steel is inherently safe for food and beverage contact no plastic or epoxy linings are necessary.

Where Are Magnus Homeware Products Made?

Magnus Homeware products are designed and responsibly made in India. We use the best technology to make these products error free. Having a responsibility towards the environment, we use best practices to monitor output at our plant and have made a pledge to bring down wastage below 0.5%.

Are Lids Interchangeable?

The mission behind all of our accessories is simple: to help Magnus products perform at their best and have long, versatile lives. Our interchangeable lids easily transition from morning breakfast to afternoon lunch. You also have the option of upgrading from the plastic lid to the new stainless steel lid with minimal plastic contact.

Can I Put My Magnus Containers In The Freezer?

Magnus Containers are deep freezer safe, and you dont have to worry about them bursting or deforming if kept in the freezer for a long time. Take out the containers out and keep them for 5 minutes before attempting to open them. The klips do become hard to open if opened directly from the deep freeze, but it wont damage the product in any way.

Can I Put My Magnus Bottle In The Freezer?

Unfortunately, not. The force of liquids expanding as they freeze can cause your Magnus Bottle to become deformed and can also break the weld that holds the bottle together, so we strongly advise against it.

Are Magnus Homeware Products Dishwasher Safe?

All Magnus Products are top-rack dishwasher safe. Remove the lids/caps and put them seperately in the dishwasher.

Are Magnus Homeware Products Microwave Safe?

Only full plastic products of magnus are microwave safe (without the top lid) which includes plastic klip lock containers and plastic modulock containers. All Other products are not microwave safe and will damage the microwave if used inside.

Do You Offer Replacement or Spare Parts?

Missing a clip for your container? Or a silicon gasket ? not sure which gasket you need for your cap or lid get in touch with us on whatsapp +919820988955. Please note that there will be additional charges for product and shipping.