Affiliate Program

Would you like to become a Magnus Homeware affiliate ?

Magnus homeware which has gained excellence in designing and developing lunch boxes, containers and other household items is now looking to expand its reach so that maximum people can get access to these products. All you have to do is mention us in your blog, social media or website.

How do you make money ?

Commission on sale.

Magnus homeware gives you the opportunity to earn 8% commission on sale for products which are sold by your efforts.

For Eg : Sale value of the merchandise is INR 1000 (which is the average ticket price) you receive INR 80/- in your bank account. The account will be done monthly.

How to avail the offer:

We will offer a promo code strictly assigned to you, which you will have to publish in your website or blog and when that code will be used by a customer during online shopping, you will receive 8% of the cost of the sold merchandize, which will be transferred directly into your account.

Offer For Your Customers: Consumers will also receive an exclusive discount of 8% on their purchase by entering that promo code at the checkout.

Hence, we are providing a great deal for you as well as your customers.

* Please note that promo codes will be changed from time to time. We will keep you updated about the same.


Unique selling proposition (USP) of Magnus Homeware products

1. Best Design for lunch boxes for spill proof and leak proof applications.

2. Made 100% in India

3. Stainless steel material is known for its food grade properties and is used at food contact areas

4. Can be targeted at a wide set of Individuals ie. office men and women, school kids, children and older aged people who require tiffin service.

5. Containers are airtight and have the best freshness retention properties due to superior design


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We look forward to work with you. Apply for our Affiliate Program now and become a part of the huge Magnus Homeware Family.



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6. Pan Card


1. Primary Web-Site or Social Media Handle
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3. Unique Visitors Per Month
4. Short Description of the web-site or social media handle

So as to make our deal successful, we are here to help you in offering promotion banners and content. Our specialized marketing team will provide you all the stuff you need.

For any further queries, please contact our marketing team at 9146128363, or write us at