Collection: ModuLock Plastic Food Storage Container

Modulock plastic food storage container has a uniquely designed non-removeable gasket on its lid to keep air from going out or in thus, making it airtight. Food Containers generally need to be airtight to keep chips, wafers, crisps and other foods fresh. In addition to the gasket, the lid has four clips on all sides to lock the lid to the container. This is a space saving modular container which fits perfectly in your shelves as well as your drawers. Having a high clarity body, this container is ideal for keeping all types of snacks, dals, lentils, cereal, bhujia and other Indian foodstuff.

Create efficient kitchen storage with magnus modulock plastic food storage canisters. Kitchen storage & organization is easy these stacking canisters that utilize every inch of your pantry. Store fruits, vegetables, ingredients and leftovers in our food storage containers, canisters. At The magnus homeware store, you can even find the perfect airtight boxes sized for any space.

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